Saturday, September 29, 2018

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the need of the hour as almost every person is using smart phone to access the internet. Leading Web Design Company in Delhi ensures that the site is designed is responsive so that it can be easily viewed from any platform easily.

Here are some of the advantages of responsive web design:
1. Increased mobile traffic: it is vital for the company to have websites that get viewed properly on the small screen of smart phones and tablets so that viewers do not face distorted images. Responsive website offers greater flexibility at lower development costs.

2. Quick and affordable mobile developments: Developing responsive website takes less time as compared to making stand alone mobile application in addition to standard desktop site. Developing of this site costs less and one ends up saving in long run all other costs like maintenance, configuration etc that goes into having a two separate versions.

3. Lower maintenance needs: Responsive designs uses standard testing methods and guarantee optimal layout on screen and this approach of ‘one size fits all’ means less headache for developers, business entities and customers. It also takes less time for maintaining thus one gets more time to concentrate on other vital issues like content management and marketing.

4. Faster web pages: Mobile users normally come out of web pages that take longer time to load.  If site is not optimized for smart phones and tablets then it will take time to load and more time to navigate which frustrates the viewers who switch to other sites. Experienced Website Development Company in Delhi develops responsive site incorporating innovative performance methods like caching and responsive image display thus enhancing the loading speed of your web page.

5. Improved SEO: Responsive website is becoming as vital to search engine optimization as quality content. Better bounce rates and robust back links lead to higher search engine rankings with an added SEO benefit for mobile optimized sites.

6. Improved online browsing experience: Responsive web design gives good first impression to the viewers about your site. If your viewer has to do lot of zooming, pinching their screens they might switch to another site instantly.

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